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Ring-fencing Rules: Which Banks are Affected?

Aimed at the six biggest lenders within the UK, the ring-fencing legislation will affect HSBC, RBS, Santander, Barclays and the Co-operative Bank as well as any others who climb above the £25bn deposit mark, (based upon a 3 year average of more than £25bn core deposits broadly from individuals and small to medium sized businesses)

Banks have already started making structural reform changes to incorporate the ring-fencing legislation during 2017 and will continue to do so over the course of this year (2018) in order to meet the 1st January 2019 deadline.

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What is Client Money?

What is Client Money?

Client Money Support & Compliance Assistance

Compound Growth can assist firms of all sizes to ensure they have the necessary procedures in place to remain compliant with the regulator’s rules pertaining to client money and client assets as set out in the CASS Sourcebook.

In particular we can support your firm in establishing suitable accounting systems as well as developing client money policies in line with industry best practice and the FCA’s guidance.

If you would like to discuss client money or client assets further, please feel free to contact us or email

Client Money Segregation


Ring-Fencing Deadline

The UK’s biggest banks must comply with all aspects of the ring-fencing legislation by 2019.

1st January 2019

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